Wednesday, March 26, 2008

well, it WAS a thing of beauty....

Bob's ever supportive company, Project Performance Corp. sent over a great package to the hospital this morning of a cheery balloon, bear and an edible fruit arrangement. I left the room for a minute to fetch something and realized I missed the opportunity on my photo op. Can you tell my kids don't care for honeydew?

Bob's big PT adventure started with attempting to put his prosthestic leg on and realizing that it didn't fit the same way as before the operation. (Charlie if you are reading this, you are right again! As always.) But Bob muscled through and got him self suited up and ready to run! Bob, being Bob, passed all of his posted daily physical therapy objectives (and yes, they literally are on a poster, posted on the wall in front of his bed!) of standing up, walking 40 feet, panting like a dog (ok maybe that part isn't on the poster), resting, walking back and navigating the bathroom. That means he is free from tubes, of an internal nature (except one IV port).

They removed his epidural line this morning as well so know poor Bob knows EXACTLY how much pain he is in. Thank goodness for Percoset! Bob got to sit up and eat both lunch and dinner in his wheelchair. I was told that the wheel chair is not at the dreaded 90 degree angle they tell us to avoid. Apparently if yo bend past 90 degrees your hip can golly, just pop on out. ugh. The surgeon was happy with how his incision looked. I can't get over how the whole thing seems to be held together with clear packing tape. Don't they even use gauze any more? Apparently not!

I took the kids to visit Bob this afternoon and had the grand adventure of eating hospital cafeteria food for dinner and doing homework on tables and chairs with wheels. Those of you without eight year old boys may not realize how challenging this can be. We said our goodbyes, passed out all of the kisses from you all and headed for home. Rest easy and AmBob in Baghdad please, keep your head down.
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