Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Siamese balloons

Went to fill up my balloons this morning for the store front and found they were stuck together. Being the thrifty shopgirl I am I blew them up all stuck together and out the door they went! We will see how long they last in the viscious wind!

I had a great in studio day yesterday. Got two pieces framed and worked on another collage to submit to a call for art at Quilting Arts Magazine. They are looking for quilts that have incorporated paper into a small quilt. As I have always put paper and cloth in my mixed media pieces I thought it would be fun to submit. Of course the first one I did may not have enough paper in the background to follow the rules and the second one is a little too just plain brown, I think , maybe. We will see.

Bob is at his pre-surgery consultation today down at Mt. Vernon Hospital. I know they do good work there I just wish it wasn't so inconvenient to get there! It's less than 30 miles but in DC that can take over an hour. ugh.

Boy I sound mighty perky and upbeat today don't I? I think it is all of the half formed plots, plans and projects I have going at the moment. That and the fact I started the morning by spilling coffee all over myself, dropped my camera lens while putting it away, stabbed myself while hanging art and that it took me 20 minutes to get my desk drawer unstuck this morning. Let's just say that I am being thwarted by inanimate objects this am! Hopefully the afternoon will go more smoothly.
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