Thursday, June 27, 2013

Who is the making of YOU? - TAP class giveaway day 2

I have only taken half a dozen art classes in my life and one was a fun workshop taught by Lesley Riley when she was first introducing TAP (Transfer Artist Paper).  Lesley pre-printed a bunch of images and we were supposed to experiment with transferring the images onto different surfaces and then bind them into a mini book.  Subversive me did not do this of course.  I took all of the little transfers and shifted them and incorporated them into larger pieces of art.  I THINK 3 years later I have actually used them all! (No one ever claimed I worked in a linear fashion!)

For this piece I lopped off the dunce cap on this little girl (because she is obviously NOT a dunce!) and transferred her onto the paper toweling I was was blotting my brush with, combined her with a doily that was too spotted to use au natural and voila'! a great card for mom.

Have fun blog hopping across the internet to see what these other amazing artists can do with TAP.  You can even win a video class with Lesley below.  If you are local to the DC Metropolitan area please check out our fun workshops at  We are in the process of getting more dates together for the summer so check back often!

There are a BUNCH of new changes happening at the shop artists moving out of town and therefore leaving me (SOB!).  And BIG decisions on what to do with the space.  Bob & I have made the command decision (gulp!) to expand our classroom space so we have more elbow room and turn the former classroom/sunroom into a SALE corner.  Rather than have markdowns scattered throughout the shop we will concentrate them in the hope that shoppers will be magnetically drawn upstairs!!!  After all who doesn't love a bargain?

Here are the details on Lesley's class.  Visit me on the 29th and the other artists below to learn more about Tap and possibly win a class to learn all the trick of the trade on how to use it!

June 26 - Christine Urias - Scraptime
June 27 - Karen Watson -- The Graphics Fairy
June 28 - Judy Coates Perez - Judy Coates Perez
June 29 - Theresa Wells Stifel - Stifel & Capra
June 30 - Lynn Krawczyk - Fiber Artysta
July 1 - Claudine Hellmuth - Claudine Hellmuth
July 2 - Gina Rossi Armfield - Joyful Purpose
July 3 - Carolyn Dube - A Colorful Journey
July 4 - Liz Kettle - Stitch Journeys
July 5 - Jane LaFazio - Janeville
July 6 - Joanne Sharpe - Whimspirations
July 7 - Pam Carriker - Pam Carriker      July 8 - Theresa Martin - Theresa Martin 


Deb Plapp said...

I would love to win Lesley's class. She's a great instructor. Thanks for the chance!

Deb Plapp

Karen H said...

I would love to win this! I'm a newbie!

Unknown said...

What a generous give-a-way - thank you SO much for the chance & good luck everyone :)

Jo Murray said...

TAPS looks like something I need to know more about. Good luck everyone.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic giveaway. I have always wanted to learn how to use this paper.

Unknown said...

I am visiting early. Have used Tap, and love it. Would love some more!

Stacy Saman