Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Book and Art Supply Give Away! - Lesley Riley's TAP

 Toot my own horn time!One of my favorite TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) projects got featured in Lesley Riley's new book.  Creative Image Transfer features a wide range of projects sure to spark your imagination on how to use this versatile product.
For those that aren't familiar with TAP it is a polmer sheet that can be printed,  drawn or painted on and then transferred to almost any surface.  From metal to fabric to chalk & clay paint, it makes a lovely transparent layer to add to your art work.

"Fiona" here ( and instructions on how to make her ) was featured in the book and (I say proudly!) on the intro page too! I blew up an old 60's newspaper fashion ad and used TAP to make a pixelated transfer of the outline of Fiona. On "Copper Fantasy"  I transferred and vintage image of a bird onto copper.  I love how you can see the glow of the metal coming through!

To celebrate the book launch Lesley is giving away copies of the book AND packages of TAP.  The Giveaway dates are  August 6-10. To find out more check out Lesley's blog.YOu can sneak over there right NOW And let me know if you win!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

FIELD TRIP! McKay's Used Books

 As summer reaches it's zenith, I have grown tired of listening to my son cursing his computer battling not so ancient virtual, digital foes.  Yeah, yeah, I know he is interacting with his friends, and yes, yes, they are problem solving and creating brave new worlds.  But screen time makes the teenagers in my house slack jawed and belligerent. A fascinating contrast and it was time to break the spell.
 So I dragged both of my charming offspring to McKay's Books in Manassas. I love this place.  It's not fancy but it is as big as a Target store and filled with aisles after aisle of blessed books.  I picked up a stack of creativity and art books (plus 3 PD James mystery hardbacks for 3 bucks apiece). I gave them $30 apiece to spend and they both walked out with a stack of books 2 feet tall.

And when we got home? My son headed straight to the hammock with his paper treasures, disregarding the siren call of the screen.  Makes me happy.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Birthday to me!

 The only advantage to working on one's birthday is that (if you are lucky) the house is reasonable clean.
 Dinner (and the world's best chocolate cake) are on the table and
all hyped up on sugar everyone in the family is game to show me some teeth along with the birthday love! xo

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

c'est fini

 Thought you would enjoy seeing the boys complete!
 Even more fun?  You can slide a favorite photo into the threads that are holding the photo down and make yourself or a loved one the centerpiece of the collage!
cool, eh?

Monday, April 21, 2014

works in progress - take 87

 Last Friday the lovely Lolita and I got together for side by side work along (if her name sounds familiar Lolita's previous session was the one I had to scratch because I flipped off the porch and mangled my foot.)
 We had fun, talked a lot as we went along (normal!) about styles, personal sticking points and procrastinations.
 On this lovely Easter Monday, my mission is to finish some of the 15 half done things I have (see previous post).
 start some more and get some laundry done!  We had 18 at table for supper yesterday.
 Blessings indeed.
handsome fellows that deserve to be showcased, don't you think?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Putting yourself in position

The good thing about my studio?  I have a beautiful dedicated space to make art. With more "found" collage materials than I will EVER use in my lifetime.

The bad news? It's on a separate floor so it's easy not to get "down there"and actually work on the many half done projects I have cooking.  I have had a rough week/month to the point that multiple friends have chastised me and asked me if I have actually MADE anything this month.  Answer no?
Tried an old trick today.  Set the timer. Half an hour on email, half an hour on work, half an hour on art. Repeat cycle.  Actually got some work done, 3 loads of laundry and an hour of "arting" in when I got a call from an out of town friend asking if I was free for lunch.
Because I wasn't over booked (for a change!) we got to sit outside and Judy treated me to a crab cake sandwich sitting on the new outside patio at Dogwood Tavern. A welcome respite.
Even better, tomorrow is my make up class from a couple weeks ago when I cancelled after falling down my steps, so get to play tomorrow too!  Wish me luck actually loading my truck...

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Best Recommendation

I was standing behind the shop counter yesterday checking my email AND texting a customer when a client walked in the door.  After a hearty greeting and an inquiry as to whether they needed my assistance I went back to my communication after laughing at the fact I looked like one of my teenagers (except that I didn't have earphones in!).

It really is sort of astounding today how many ways of communicating there are.  When I open the shop in the morning, I turn on the open sign, tie balloons to the sandwich board, and prop open the front door.   I ALSO check my email, answering machine, and social media feeds.

On the outgoing front, we send newsletters, make phone calls on land lines and mobile phones, send emails.
The shop also networks with community organizations, contributes to worthy causes, and sponsors student art shows.  We pray for press coverage to reach people we are not connected to spread the word so we can stay in business!

Did you know Stifel and Capra also has a Pinterest Page, Facebook Page, Website, and Twitter feed and an Etsy site?  Although all of these methods are fun and creative and introduce us to amazing people guess which one of these has the highest retention rate the experts say?  Still, hands down?  Recommendation of a friend.

Sometimes the old fashioned things are the best-

Thank you.