Saturday, March 4, 2023

Which came first? The chicken or the ...?

As I just might have mentioned before, I LOVE linen.
Especially hand worked pieces.
Especially quirky ones.
Do you know what this round item with a crowing rooster on it is?
Does the second photo give you a clue?
The third photo is a close-up with the rooster as the star.
These are all hand embroidered, all just a little too serious, considering their end use.
They are cocktail linens! Get it? COCK TAIL?
We all know the Rat Pack era was when cocktails reigned supreme.
Please forgive me for using a wine glass to demonstrate instead of a short stemmed glass but I wanted to show you how they are used.
These petite napkins could have been used for just that napkins or for tray liners to carry snacks, nut bowls or petite sandwiches or tiny trays to accompany your cocktail (or in my case a glass of wine).
To me the astounding thing is these rowdy roosters are all hand embroidered! 
The embroiderer would have used a transfer to print the pattern on her (stereotyping here but most of the stitching was done by women) linen or counted the stitches onto the fabric by eye.
Consider that this tiny final rooster is made up of over 240 cross stitches. That means 480 individual stitches conjured this tiny figure less than ONE inch tall. There are 50 stitches along the end of the final napkin, embellished with a crocheted edging.
I would bet it is safe to say this needle artist did her stitching BEFORE she has any cocktails!

Today is Day 11 of #the100day project where I am attempting to write every day for 100 days.
Thanks for following along while I ramble about all the different things that come to mind. I am sure some order or emphasis will shake out eventually. Maybe.


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