Sunday, March 5, 2023

Joy Despite Everything

I ordered this book, "How To Begin When Your World Is Ending" on the recommendation of my pastor friend Liz. Not because I feel like my world is ending but because I am always looking for ways to find joy in my circumstances.
I was delighted I got the book. Phinney Baskette has quite the adroit turn of phrase and a way of writing that compels you to keep reading.

I said to my friend using the word "adroit sounds a little contrived, but it is the word that came to mind. Like when you watch a musician fingering valves on a trumpet and magical music comes out.

Fair warning the book contains a fair amount of cursing (certainly not an unusual thing in a cancer patient, although one might not expect it from a minister) and the author's progressive politics are transparently on display. Also on display is big hearted spirit and a perspective that made me think about how I tackle adversity. 

A thought provoking, witty read.

This post is the 12 of #the100daychallenge. I forgot to hit publish last night show so it is showing up the next morning. Although I will confess I am backdating it to keep me on schedule.
Am proud of the fact I did not throw in the towel because I missed one deadline. 
Yay me. ;)
Thanks for following along.


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