Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Variations on a theme

I decided to knit up this beautiful hand spun wool yarn I had in my stash.
Even though I know my friends to the north & west are still knee or even waist deep in snow you will notice I have a tank top on in this picture so I thought 
"Am I ever go to wear this?, Really?"
It's gorgeous and SO soft.
I might be more likely to wear it as a hat.
What else could I think of??

Then I had the idea to combine it with some retro linen I have and make a funky pillow.
I kind of eyeballed the size for the pillow. 
Zipped it up, it went together smoothly.
I was going to applique the knit onto the pillow but then it dawned on me I could slide it on kind of like a sleeve (or a scarf, ha!) and then it would be removable.

Of course, I am not sure who needs a handknitted, wooly, multi purpose fashion and home accessory, but if you have a friend who loves orange & red, 
let me know!

Today is day 14 of #the100daychallenge where I am challenging myself to write a little slice of life  every day for 100 days.  I feel like I am kind of in Dear Diary mode here so far.
But I am proud of myself for persevering thus far.
Thanks for following along. I appreciate it!

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