Monday, March 6, 2023

Signs of spring

Feeling slightly guilty that so many of my northern and western friends are being buried under snow when spring is busting out all over here in coastal Virginia.
Tulips are one of my favorite flowers so I was delighted to see these beauties in Yorktown this week.

Our front garden daffodils and hyacinths are in full bloom too! Such a bright spot of color on a grey day. It will be sunny & in the fifties here for the next week, so the flowers should last QUITE a while.

Normally I am quite tolerant of letting nests stay where they are constructed but some very busy bird built this nest in my outdoor wall vase this morning. I was glad there were no eggs in it to be compromised. The flowers would have rotted out underneath it and the nest would have collapsed into the water below. So I made the command decision to just remove the vase until they find a new place to build. Last year I watered around nests in my hanging basket ferns and my roses!

It always amused me how OFFENDED the mama bird was by me daring to come in and out my front door and get too close to her nest and babies. I loved peeking at them as they hatched and started peeping constantly. It astounds me how there is a raucous chorus one day and they are gone the next, flown the coop as it were!
I don't know anything about identifying nests but this one seemed quite deep, over three inches down,  almost shaped like a funnel. 
It also had quite picturesque mossy accents and some baby's breath woven through!
I felt bad about having to remove it but I think it is best in the long run.
I am looking forward to seeing if I can spot where they rebuild.

Is it spring where you live or no?

Today is day 13 of my attempt to write a bit every day for 100 days as part of the global #the100dayproject. Thanks for following along. I appreciate all of your messages but fell free to comment here too, if you like. 

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